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Meet DOE Boost

Our Mission

The DOE Boost partnership between Sandia National Laboratories and FedTech was forged out of a passion for developing a sustainable, innovative, and diverse future through the commercialization of promising energy technologies. By working together to use lab-created technologies and launching ventures with them, DOE Boost is building an innovation ecosystem for economic and climate benefits that will last for years to come.

Colleagues Working Together
In a Meeting


DOE Boost is seeking entrepreneurs from across industries to join us in revolutionizing the innovation ecosystems in New Mexico and Alaska. This energytech-focused startup studio will bring you into the world of Deep Tech through matching teams of entrepreneurs with exciting DOE Lab technologies. 

Business Consultation


We are looking for mentors to help coach the energytech innovators of tomorrow to solve community-based energy challenges. Whether you are an energytech expert, seasoned businessperson, or executive, we are looking for mentors like you to guide the entrepreneurs changing the world.

Business Partners


As a coach, you will be a critical aspect of success for DOE Boost companies using cutting-edge technology. Experts in the fields of energytech, business development, leadership, and more are encouraged to apply as a paid coach where you will be tasked to help create successful teams and ventures alongside FedTech.

Notable Alumni

1701465314844_flnmlx_2_1 (1)_edited.jpg
AxisSkyRenewables (1).png

Technology Vertical: Alternative Energy

Market: Offshore Wind

Axis Sky Renewables uses a vertical-axis wind turbine without a tower. This revolutionary design translates to a tremendous reduction in steel and therefore a significant reduction in CAPEX.


Technology Vertical: Asset Management, Software

Market: Hospitals, Nursing Homes

Conquiro’s AI-based asset management system integrates real-time location tracking, predictive maintenance modeling, and electrical demand optimization to ensure that hospital equipment is always accounted for and running.


Technology Vertical: Renewable Energy

Market: Photovoltaic Solar Modules

BoostPV’s glass increases solar panel efficiency by 35%. We maximize the power conversion efficiency (PCE) of solar panels by providing transparent, thin-film photovoltaic (PV) glass to both solar panel manufacturers and existing solar installation owners.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility 

DOE Boost is for All

DOE Boost, Sandia National Laboratories, and FedTech are committed to diversifying the energytech ecosystem by making entrepreneurship accessible, partnering with Diversity-focused organizations, and focusing on the problems that affect underserved communities.


Entrepreneurs, inventors, mentors, and partners are critical to continuing this mission of democratizing Deep Tech.

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