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Building Ventures Around Community Energy Challenges

A Sandia National Laboratories Program

Empowering entrepreneurs with business and technical skills in the lean startup model, focusing on validating their business models through customer discovery.

Fostering innovation through generating new business models to address national and community energy problems for a more sustainable future.

Driving innovation through public-private partnerships to transition breakthrough technologies to real-world impact.

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What is DOE Boost?

DOE Boost is a partnership between Sandia National Laboratories and FedTech that brings national labs, startups, academia, and entrepreneurs together to find solutions to big community-based energy challenges.

How Does DOE Boost Work?

Apply for the Program as an entrepreneur

New Mexican and Alaskan entrepreneurs from all backgrounds are encouraged to apply. Applications close June 30th.

Get Paired with a Groundbreaking Technology

Accepted entrepreneurs will be matched with an exciting technology from federal labs.

Gain experience and knowledge in the Startup Studio 

Learn from innovators across industries to develop entrepreneurial skills, ranging from technical know-how to customer discovery.

Launch an Energytech Venture

Finish the program with a fully-realized energytech startup in your hands, without having to quit your fulltime job.

Our Partners

WIne Turbines


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